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Company Guidelines to Fulfill Clinic Vision

Quality Dental Service
Early Dental Awareness
Excellent & High Technology Facilities

Company Mission / Objective

MagnifiDENT Inc. with its 5 BOARD OF DIRECTORS has the finest way of maintaining superior dental health. They always give the utmost standard of dental care. They offer a lowest premium and optimum care and treatment to each patient. Their dedication is to provide competence to their profession better and smarter; moreover, they are very much concerned to the economic status and oral health of every individual because they believe that Good Oral Hygiene is Wealth.

What can you see in the LOGO?

What can you see in the LOGO?

The Hidden Message of MagnifiDENT Inc LOGO

How do people perceived the MagnifiDENT Inc Logo?
It has a WALKING MOLAR TOOTH WITH LEFT EYE BIGGER THAN THE RIGHT that implies Dentistry on the go with focus, the THUNDER indicates power, and the name itself MAGNIFIDENT INC signifies marvellous and outstanding.

Let's go for the deeper meaning of its logo:

MagnifiDENT Inc came from two words - Magnificent and Dentistry. Aside from the obvious fact that the company wants to reflect the Magnificent Service of Dentistry, there is one more thing that the people will not notice from the logo. You can see that there are three letters outside the logo. It's MA from MagnifiDENT and C from Inc. When you read these lettters it will give you MAC word. MAC is a more profound word than magnificent. MAC means a waterproof raincoat made of rubberized fabric or for MagnifiDENT Inc projection - it is a company that is soft yet can withstand storm. It is stable and enduring company.

One more thing : MagnifiDENT Inc has TWO PRINCIPAL OWNER - Manuel And Cecilia.

Company Official Poster

Company Official Poster